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The Memorial Garden

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The Memorial Garden

First Congregational Church of Granby, Connecticut

      The Memorial Garden of First Congregational Church recognizes the growing trend toward cremation and our desire for a sacred place that ensures the caring disposition of our loved ones' cremated remains.

      Cremation and the Memorial Garden's circular walkway signify our individual lives becoming part of the circle of all life and our passage into life everlasting. Whether the scattering or burial of a loved one's ashes is done privately, or with the formal assistance of a Minister of the Church, this Memorial Garden will be maintained by the Church as a place of beauty, tranquility, dignity and comfort, always accessible for reflection, prayer and remembrance.

      The Memorial Garden's location was chosen with careful thought. It is a private place for meditation amidst the beauty of nature from which one can see the church steeple, symbolizing connection with the Church past and present. Our children's playground is also nearby, reminding us of continuing life, excitement, joy and hope for the future.

General Guidelines

for Use of the Memorial Garden

            [1] The dignity and physical integrity of the Memorial Garden will be maintained by a standing Memorial Committee of the First Congregational Church of Granby.

            [2] The Memorial Garden shall be available to all former and present members of First Church, their families, and friends of the Church.

            [3] Families may choose either to scatter or to bury ashes of the deceased in the Memorial Garden, provided no permanent containers are used.

            [4] While the Memorial Committee will take note of those areas of the Garden most recently used so as to minimize disturbing earlier interments, no physical markers or official records will designate the exact locations of individuals' ashes.

            [5] At the time of interment, families of the deceased may leave cut flowers, flower petals, or small flags in the Memorial Garden, with the understanding that the Memorial Committee will remove them after a respectful passage of time. If families wish to remember an anniversary, they are encouraged to donate altar flowers for Sunday services, accompanied by a memorial note in the order of service.

            [6] People whose ashes are placed in the Memorial Garden will be memorialized in the Church's Memorial Meeting Room in two ways.

            First, their names and years of birth and death will be inscribed on individual brass plates mounted on a permanent wall plaque.

            Second, an archival quality page will be set aside for each of them in a Memorial Book. This page may include whatever combination of obituary, photography, illustration, and written tributes the family of the deceased deems appropriate.

            A copy of the Memorial Book page, death certificate, and any other pertinent documents will be preserved in a fireproof cabinet within the Church.

            [7] No set fee will be established for interment in the Memorial Garden, but families of the deceased are encouraged to contribute to the Church's Memorial Garden Fund to cover expenses related to the memorial plaque, the memorial book, maintenance of the Garden, and compensation for a minister's services. The Memorial Committee will furnish a current suggested donation on request. We suggest a contribution rather than requiring a fee so as not to limit access to the Memorial Garden for purely financial reasons.

            AII donations in support of the Memorial Garden will be gratefully accepted at any time,

            [8] Special requests and/or exceptions to these general guidelines will be thoughtfully considered by the Church's Memorial Committee in order to keep faith with the original purposes of the Garden.

For further information and assistance,

please contact the Church Office,

or one of the Church's Ministers, 

at 860/653-4537.


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